Pet Accessories that Compliments Home Design

Providing all your pet needs and accessories doesn’t have to be dull and pure of functionality only. There are new and elegant designs of such dog basic products that you don’t have to hide whenever you have guests. Check out these reliable and fashionable dog essential stuffs that will surely compliment your home decoration.

I. Dog Crates

Crates are known for multiple benefits on improving dog’s behavior such as; building confidence, alleviating feelings such as anxiety and fear, comforting sick and tired dog or just simply providing him a territory of his own. Among crates and cages available, one of the most fashionable is the Wicker Dog Crates. They are very popular for elegant design and craftsmanship but still function as safe and reliable den for dogs. Despite their fashionable design, they are very easy to clean, assemble or disassemble, or carry and deploy anywhere.

II. Dog Beds

There are hundreds of fashionable dog beds available around. Just few tips on choosing the most elegant one, consider their materials used that do specific and special functions. Aside from easy to clean surface, choose those that doesn’t wear off and become ugly easily, dog loosen coat sticks and remains on its surface, have hard to reach corners where fleas or bugs may live, etc. Consider also their special function such as heating and cooling effect, and promotes more comforting feeling for pet’s better sleep or rest, especially the old or sick one’s.

III. Pet Gates

Pet gate with stained glass design.
Keeping pets off limit to restricted areas that are not safe for them is one of main function of the pet gates. People usually put this on areas of the house like stairs, rooms, living room and many other parts of the house and is always expose to visitors. After you identify important details of the area you are about to cover such as width, shape of the area, height of your dog, etc., look at the special design and craftsmanship concept of candidate pet gates. There are one-hand or foot operated gates that enable you to pass back and forth even with full hands.

IV. Dog Fence

Ensuring your pet within the safe vicinity of your home yard doesn’t have always to be a physical or visible fence. Through years of research, innovation and smart-technology application, you don’t have to set up ugly wood fence that blocks the view and are high maintenance. Underground, wireless fence, wi-fi enabled and incorporated GPS technology dog fences are the latest and very reliable to choose from, not only to limit your dog within your home area but also helps on training not to cross.

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Best Dog Fence Systems by Innotek

Innotek is one of the most recognizable and reputable company in the pet industry with their innovative system and devices such as bark collars, training collars, and electronic pet fences. Through years of innovation, Innotek continuously producing the more advanced, safe, effective and very efficient devices that greatly trainers and pet owners on training and containing pets. With recently acquired by PetSafe, they combined their technology & experience and producing more advanced systems better training pets of all sizes and different temperament or behavior.

Here's a review of some of Innotek's Top Dog Fence Systems:

SD-3000 Basic Contain N Train Dog Fence. Designed not only to contain dogs and pets in safe area but also capable of training them not to cross the restricted places with its corrective stimulation. The fence can cover area up to 5 acres while the collars can fit dog sizes of 20-220lbs and has run-through prevention and progressive correction. Additional feature is a long-range remote trainer device that is ideal for training dogs on your control with range up to 150 yards.

IUC-4200 Ultra Dog Fence. This easy to install with strong signal dog fence is the newest and top of the line system of Innotek. The wire can be simply buried or stapled on the ground, it can cover up to 25 acre coverage. The rechargeable collar for dog has progressive correction features aside for being lightweight and countour design shape to fit on dog's neck, making it more comfortable. This system will ensure the boundary is guarded 24/7.

Samples of Innotek's top dog fence systems. Learn more of them at PetStreetMall Dog Fence.

IUC-5100 Ultra Contain N Train Dog Fence. This is another great "contain and train" dog fence by Innotek with more helpful features. It can cover up to 25 acres coverage for dog's wide freedom while the fully waterproof collar have lithium ion battery and still has progressive correction(run thru prevention) good for training. The collar has indicator on battery status so you know when it is time to recharge it so you are sure the system is working all the time.

SD-2200 SmartDog Deluxe Dog Fence System. This system is the upgraded version of successful SD-2100 system. This system ensure to teach dog's quickly with its patented run-through prevention feature, as the dog approach the limit it emits the tone warning and if the dog continues onward it will receive a static stimulation to deter them from going beyond the boundary line. Other great features of this kit are the wire break alarm, the collar which is small, comfortable, and lightweight with a rechargeable NIMh battery.

Innotek has long list of quality pet fence systems with their great features that would suit your pet's containment and training needs. Innotek is proud American product used and trusted by millions of Americans for being the Most Humane and the Most Effective containment system available. Getting their system includes unlimited access to Innotek's technical support line, as well as access to Pet Street Mall's staff of containment experts.

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Pinnacle Gateway Hands Free Pet Gate by KidCo

The Pinnacle Gateway® Pet/Child Gate by KidCo is the only hands free, auto-close, pressure mounted gate on the market! Architecturally inspired to fit any home d├ęcor, the Pinnacle has all the popular attributes of the Gateway® series: easy installation with no tools required; non-toxic, white finished tubular steel; and U-shaped frame with two-way door. foot pedal operation in a slim profile: enabling doorway use.

Foot operated gate.

Easy to Use:
Step on the foot pedal. You will hear a click and the locking indicator will turn green. The door remains i position, unlocked and waits to be opened from either direction. Push open with knee and walk through. The magnets pull the door closed behind you, and you will again hear a click as it locks closed. The locking indicator will once again turn red, signifying the door is locked and secure.

A locking indicator: Green means the gate is open and ready for use; Red means locked and secure. Unique handle design applies Magnet-Lock Technology, a dual magnet design that automatically draws the door closed and guarantees it locks each and every time!
Uses dual magnet and auto-close gate.
• Foot-pedal operated
• Easy installation with no tools required
• Nontoxic and comes in a U-shaped frame with two-way door
• Slim profile enables use with closed door
• “Locked/Unlocked” indicator
• Tubular steel; White non-toxic finish
• Basic Gate Width- 29”-37”; Height – 31”
• Optional extension G4100 for openings up to 47.5”
• Patents Pending
• FREE SHIPPING Hands Free Pet Gate at PetStreetMall

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SmartDog Deluxe Dog Fence System by Innotek

The SmartDog Deluxe Dog Fence System by Innotek is an upgraded package of the already great SD-2100 system. In this kit you will get a lightning protector and twisted wiring. With these additions you’ll be able to protect your system and your pet in the event of a storm where lightning could damage the system. The protector will save your system and has a lifetime warranty. The range is 25 acres giving your pet loads of room to run around in. Don’t forget that you can purchase multiple dog kits and extra collars allowing you to use this system with more than one dog.
Innotek’s patented run-through prevention is the best feature this system has and it’s a feature you definitely want because it teaches your pet quickly and keeps them contained within the perimeter you’ve set up. Here’s how it works, as your pet approaches the fencing it will activate a warning tone and if the dog continues onward it will receive a static stimulation to deter them from going beyond the boundary line. Other great features of this kit are the wire break alarm, the collar which is small, comfortable, and lightweight with a rechargeable NIMh battery.

Components of SmartDog Deluxe dog fence.
• Containment Coverage Up to 25 Acres
• Dog Size 15-220lbs
• Run-Through preventions
• Progressive Correction
• Rechargeable NiMH batteries in the collar
• Recharging Unit Included
• 24/7 Protection -- Yes
• Waterproof
• Lightening Protection
• 100 ft of pre-twisted wire
• FREE SHIPPING Dog Fence Systems at PetStreetMall
Information on choosing right Wire Gauge.
The SD-2200 Dog Fence is electronically exactly the same as the SD-2100. However, this package ships with two extra items.
1) An External Lightning Protector with a Lifetime Guarantee and
2) 100 ft of pre-twisted wire. This is also highly recommended, it will greatly cut down installment time.

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Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence PIF-300

The PIF-300 Wireless Dog Fence is a Standard Wireless Fence System by PetSafe that has the ability to adjust anywhere between 15 to 90 foot in radius, which equates to an astonishing 30 to 180 foot diameter, away from the transmitter’s location. With such a strong and reliable signal field, the PetSafe PIF-300 Standard System is the ideal Wireless Dog Fence for all pet owners with small or large yards. The PetSafe PIF-300 Standard System is able to connect two or more transmitters allowing a larger containment field for pet owners with several acres. Connecting transmitters together will create a “figure 8” boundary line. The shape of the signal will individually create a perfect circle that cannot be altered or changed.

Common wireless dog fence system coverage.
 This system is not designed to work with terrains that have slopes and will work best with yards that are relatively flat. Common areas to safely place the transmitter is inside the house, garage, barn, and even a tool shed. Choose an area that is not exposed to the weather (rain and snow) or any other high moisture areas. With the PetSafe PIF-300 Standard System, your dog will be able to run, play, and relax while being safely contained from harm’s way.

Petsafe wireless dog fence package.
Parts & Features:
• Ideal for any flat yard and completely portable.
• Uses 6 volt Battery Module.
• Operates Multiple Collars.
• System includes 50 Training Flags.
• For timid to Mild tempered Dogs (10lbs minimum).
• Large Coverage Area.
• Ability to connect multiple transmitters for larger signal field.
• Quick Installation.
• Automatic Safety Shut Off After 27 Seconds.
• Wireless!
• In case of Power Outage the System Turns Off the Collar.
• Waterproof PIF-275-19 Receiver that weighs only 2.5 ounces.
• FCC Approved.
• 5 Adjustable Levels of Correction.
• Beep Only for Training Mode.
• Low Battery Indicator Light.
• Multiple Collars can be used with transmitters.
• This PetSafe Dog Fence shipping for FREE!

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Step Over Pet Gate

The Step Over Pet Gate by Cardinal Gates is a free standing gate designed for small breeds, non jumpers and puppy litters. This gate is simple to set up and can be operational in minutes. Rubber feet protect floors and adds stability while the solid wood construction provides beauty and functionality.

Step over pet gate at stairs
• Designed for small breeds
• Simple to set up
• Rubber feet to protect floors
• Solid wood construction
• Can add as many 22" Extensions as you need! (sold seperately)
• Available in Natural, Medium Oak, Walnut, and White
• FREE Shipping Pet Gates at PetStreetMall

Pet gate at patio
• Height is 20 inches
• Gate fits openings from 28 inches
• 51 3/4 inches Extensions are available
• Each extension adds 22 inches
• Bar spacing: 2.25"
• you can extend the gate as far as you wish.
• Each extension adds 22 inches
• You can add as many extension as you like!

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Petsafe Ultra Sonic Bark Collar

Guaranteed to stop unnecessary barking, this is the lightest and smallest collar on the market. This Ultra Sonic Bark Collar is activated by your pet’s barking. The barking triggers the bark control- a high-decibel sound-it emits a loud sound, similar to a smoke detector. Much of this tone’s spectrum is beyond the range of human hearing, but dogs and cats find it undesirable and distracting. The collar's cutting-edge, bark detection microphone can be adjusted to recognize your pet's unique bark so that no other sound can set off the unit. Your dog will quickly learn that barking causes the annoying, loud sound, and that not barking is the way to avoid them.

One of the lightest yet effective bark control collar by PetSafe
This remarkably light, 28 g collar emits an unpleasant but harmless tone to correct your dog’s barking problem. The collar’s cutting-edge, bark-detection microphone can be adjusted to recognize your dog’s unique bark so that no other sound can set off the unit. This collar is most effective when used on small dogs.

• Lightweight & Smallest Collar, One-Ounce & 1.9 Cubic Inches
• Adjustable Sound For Pet Sensitivity
• Uses Loud But Harmless Audible Sound to Deter Barking
• Receiver can be Attached to Your Existing Collar
• Operating & Training Manual

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